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The workers of Vio.Me in Thessaloniki squatted their factory in 2011 after the management wanted to close it down. Since then they produce soap autonomously and in solidarity without bosses or vertical hierarchy. Recently they got an export license and can ship their products to the rest of Europe. You can get more infos at

Vio.Me in Berlin is a buying syndicate. We collect individual orders to have a bigger shipment and reduce the costs for transportation.

Vio.Me collective produce theirs soaps without resorting to toxic chemicals. Everything is made from plants (and natural borax). So now you can clean up with something that isn’t only solidaric, but also vegan and eco-friendly.
Here are the ingredients in detail:

Soap Bar: almond oil, olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil
Hand washing liquid soap: green or white soap,almond oil, castor oil
All-purpose Cleaner: soap, flavoring of green apple or essential oil of lemon
Liquid Laundry Detergent: natural borax (very low quantity), washing soda, soap
Washing Powder: white soap, natural borax (very low quantity), washing soda
Fabric Softener: essential oil laventer
Glass Cleaner: very very low quantity of alcohol, vinegar, essential oils
Dishwasher rinse aid: water, vinegar, essential oil

The Pricelist*

  • Soap Bar– 150g – 2.50€
  • Liquid Soap – 0,5L od. 1L Refill – 2 od. 3.30€
  • All-purpose Cleaner – 1 od. 4 Liter – 2€ od. 7€
  • Washing Powder – 500g (33 Wäschen) – 4.00€
  • Liquid Laundry Detergent – 1 od. 4 Liter – 2€ od. 7€
  • Fabric Softener – 1 od. 4 Liter – 2 od. 7€
  • Glass Cleaner – 1 Liter – 2.30€
  • Dishwasher Rinse Aid– 400ml – 1.30€

*Final prices may vary a bit. We’ll only know exactly, when the shipment has arrived in Berlin.

Sorry, no order planned right now. We’ll put the order form here when we know when the next shipment will be.